1. 1. interests Interest on the original loan
  2. 7. Investment that represents a loan to gov't or corporations
  3. 8. Investments that represent in a business
  4. 9. tax All social classes pay the same amount
  5. 10. Your payment before an insurance company begins coverage
  6. 15. Insurance Used when a person can not work
  7. 16. Amount paid on an insurance policy per a given time period
  8. 17. insurance Used when a person is sick
  9. 18. The recipient of funds or other benefits from insurance policies
  10. 19. The amount of money borrowed, or the amount of money still owed on a loan
  1. 2. tax More money is taken out based on a bigger pay check
  2. 3. tax Smaller amount of money taken out of pay checks
  3. 4. interest Interest paid on both the original loan and interest earned
  4. 5. Decision Occurs when benefits outweigh the cost
  5. 6. a periodic payment for the use of borrowed funds
  6. 11. Risk transferred to a third party
  7. 12. funds a collection of securities chosen and managed by a group of professional fund managers
  8. 13. insurance Insurance that protects your property for theft or destruction
  9. 14. insurance Benefits survivors of the deceased
  10. 18. a business whose main purpose is to receive deposits and make loans