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  1. 2. All factors equal affecting a market is also known as
  2. 6. Measure of how much quantity demanded changes when there is a change in price
  3. 9. Goods promoted by the government
  4. 11. and able to purchase at a given price in a given time period
  5. 12. Amount paid by govt to a firm as an aid
  6. 13. Known as consumption baded taxes
  7. 14. Market not controlled by the government
  8. 19. Those who study economic situations and bring out a summary and provide advices on a particular economy
  9. 20. Place where buyers and sellers carry out economic transaction
  10. 21. quantity of a good or service that consumers are
  1. 1. Also known as alternative way for a decision
  2. 3. When the country's products are charged higher than before and keep increasing
  3. 4. Also known as market failure
  4. 5. A big example of indirect tax in India
  5. 7. A state of rest where no outside disturbances affect the economy/ market
  6. 8. Products often our based together
  7. 10. Also known as the minumum price of a product set by the govt
  8. 15. Return of factor of production known as enterprise
  9. 16. Injection into the economy from foreign countries
  10. 17. The economic time of a firm when its business is running low
  11. 18. Opposite of injections: withdrawal or _________