1. 4. result of high fixed costs/startup costs of a operating business in a specific industry
  2. 6. distinguishing a product from others, making it more desirable to target market
  3. 7. portion of corporate profits paid out to stock holders
  4. 9. extra benefit supplementing an employee's salary
  5. 10. responsible for something
  6. 12. state of limited competition, market is shared by small # of producers/sellers
  7. 13. merchandise kept on the premises of a business available for sale/distribution
  8. 14. authorization to a individual/group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities
  9. 15. raw material/primary ag. product that can be bought/sold
  10. 16. govt agency/corp. is the sole provider of a particular good/service
  11. 18. market structure where competition is at its greatest possible level
  12. 19. govt giving business a sole right to design a product
  1. 1. has facilities/other assets in at least one other country
  2. 2. something you own
  3. 3. share od earnings given as a payment
  4. 5. maintaining prices at a certain level by agreement between competing sellers
  5. 8. agreement among firms to divide the market, set prices, or limit productions
  6. 11. formal contract to repay borrowed money
  7. 15. manufacturers/suppliers w/ the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level & restricting competition
  8. 17. law set in a city/town designates separate areas for residency/business