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  1. 2. money the government owes
  2. 3. overall increase in the price of goods
  3. 7. major source of income for the federal government
  4. 9. when a single producer dominates a market and there is no competition, causes high inflation
  5. 10. large scale public systems like highways, bridges, and schools
  6. 13. sharp drop in a nation's GDP for more than a year
  7. 14. gives benefits to the elderly by providing supplemental income after retirement
  8. 16. governmental plan of action to solve either a problem that affects all or most people or a problem that the people cannot solve on their own
  9. 17. provide money to buy food based on the dollar amount a household receives based on family income
  10. 20. a country's official principles, positions, and procedures for dealing with forces outside its borders
  11. 21. product
  1. 1. fee charged for borrowing money
  2. 4. money set aside for a specific use
  3. 5. type of fuel made by blending gasoline and ethanol
  4. 6. government's resolution to problems at home in American that need public solution (ex. highways, healthcare, welfare)
  5. 8. when money is left over
  6. 9. social welfare program that assists the poor with their medical costs, jointly funded by both the national government and the states
  7. 11. duties and fees the government charges businesses and individuals who bring good into the US from other countries
  8. 12. regulates the economy by controlling the money supply
  9. 15. slowdown in economic growth; decline in GDP for two consecutive quarters
  10. 18. social insurance program, designed to help the elderly or disabled pay their medical costs
  11. 19. fees charged to borrow money
  12. 20. government's power to tax and spend