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  1. 4. measures and reports the change in prices of a set of stocks
  2. 6. profit made from the sale of securities
  3. 9. the percentage of the labor force that is job-less and looking for work
  4. 11. buys and sells stocks for customers
  5. 12. the market value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given period of time
  6. 15. bank chartered by national government
  7. 17. possibility for loss on an investment
  8. 19. the profit or loss made on an investment
  9. 20. the use of income today that allows for a future benefit
  1. 1. anything people will accept for goods or services
  2. 2. all the institutions that help transfer funds between savers and investors
  3. 3. income not used for consumption
  4. 5. occurs when stock market prices rise steadily over time
  5. 7. the condition where a persons income and resources do not allow them to achieve a minimum standard of living
  6. 8. paper money and coins
  7. 9. / market activities that go unreported due to being illegal or to avoid taxation
  8. 10. the increase in a nations real GDP over a period of time
  9. 13. a market where securities are bought and sold
  10. 14. the ratio of the amount of output produced to the amount of input
  11. 16. occurs when stock market prices decline steadily over time
  12. 18. bank chartered by state government