1. 6. A type of cloth or woven fabric.
  2. 7. To work, especially work hard.
  3. 9. An estimate of expected income and spending over time.
  4. 10. There is not an unlimited supply of resources, so sometimes the things that we want are unavailable.
  5. 11. You depend on other people for other things.
  6. 15. Economy People can freely buy and trade goods and services. The price of each good or service is determined not by the government but by demand.
  7. 16. Increase in prices for goods and services over time.
  8. 18. A system of exchange like money.
  9. 19. Money that is given to someone and expected to be payed back at some point.
  10. 20. A fee for borrowing money.
  11. 21. How much of something people want.
  12. 23. A fee charged by the government on a product, income, or activity.
  1. 1. The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment.
  2. 2. How much of something is available.
  3. 3. Amount required as payment for good/service.
  4. 4. of Labor Workers perform specific tasks and put it all together to make a product.
  5. 5. To exchange/swap goods or services for other goods or services.
  6. 8. An economic system where how much money people have determines on their income; people make profit on the goods or services they provide.
  7. 9. Synonym for Trading.
  8. 12. An economic system where the government has control what goods and services people can have and how much they can have. Everything is owned by everyone, and there are no “social classes.”
  9. 13. Something you have to have; you can't live without.
  10. 14. Something you would like to have, but it is not necessary for survival.
  11. 17. Management of money.
  12. 20. The money you receive.
  13. 21. The payment that was paid; directly comes out of checking account.
  14. 22. Owing money that is overdue