1. 2. provide information about ability to control expenses and to earn a return on the resources committed to the business
  2. 4. It is a tax on imports or exports
  3. 6. If a certain firm is the only one that can produce a certain goodsor service
  4. 12. Risk to financial or other institutions from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.
  5. 15. It is an amount of money that is spent on something
  6. 16. the state of being a partner in business
  7. 19. A ... year is a period used for calculating annual financial statements in businesses and other organizations
  8. 21. ... tax is the name given to various taxes which arises on the death of an individual
  9. 23. Revenue minus total cost.
  10. 24. an amount of money that we use to start a business or to put in a bank
  11. 26. In financial accounting, an ... is an economic resource
  12. 28. It is a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits
  13. 30. Real-world information recorded as numerical values.
  14. 31. an organisation which keeps money safely for its customers
  15. 32. in modern tax systems tax rate is usually formd as ...
  16. 34. typy of tax in Poland where company pay same amount of money every onth
  17. 35. a person who has or holds something
  1. 1. a person who has or hold something
  2. 3. a large business company
  3. 4. financial charge or other levy imposed upon a payer
  4. 5. The sum of the fixed costs and the variable costs.
  5. 7. Exposure to uncertainty in economic value that cannot be marked-to-market.
  6. 8. a business company selling goods or services
  7. 9. the act of joining two or more companies together
  8. 10. The process of finding relative or absolute extreme points.
  9. 11. study of the economic choices made by individual economic units such as consumers, households and firms etc.
  10. 13. an action when somebody buy something
  11. 14. The actual price that a consumer pays for one unit of goods or services.
  12. 17. the social science that seeks to describe the factors which determine the production, distribution and services
  13. 18. amount of a good or service that a producer is willing and able to offer for sale at each possible price.
  14. 20. It is an individual or institution that legally owns a share of stock in a public or private corporation.
  15. 22. personal income tax
  16. 25. It is monetary compensation paid by an employer to an employee in exchange for work done
  17. 27. ... duty- is a tax that is levied on documents
  18. 29. the amount of money that something is worth
  19. 33. ... tax- taxes intermediate and possibly capital goods