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  1. 2. Subjective satisfaction received by a customer from consumption of a set of services or goods.
  2. 4. Form of unemployment which is voluntary
  3. 8. Price paid for use of land
  4. 11. Study of individual consumers and the business firm
  5. 15. system of relations
  6. 16. A market situation where there is only one buyer
  7. 17. Expenses of getting factors of manufacture
  8. 18. Change in price will have a relatively small effect on quantity demanded
  9. 20. Special kind of product that acts as an universal equivalent
  1. 1. Sum of structural and fictional unemployment
  2. 3. Human Resources
  3. 5. Public form of collision of subjects of a market economy
  4. 6. Economics of the world.
  5. 7. Created by people to produce other goods and services
  6. 9. Initiative independent activity of citizens using their own property and responsibility
  7. 10. Goods having similar characteristics
  8. 12. Social science that studies the production, distribution and consumption of goods.
  9. 13. Situation of over production
  10. 14. Consumer's ability to buy a product or service at a particular time and place
  11. 19. Deal between economic partners, taking the forms of loan.