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ELA Crossword 2/25/13

  1. 2. nouns nouns that name specific people, places or things
  2. 3. the main part of a sentence that contains the verb.
  3. 5. standard marks that make reading sentences easier
  4. 10. marks puntctuation that encloses someone's words
  5. 11. a connecting word that comebines two or more words in a sentence.
  6. 12. the noun to which a pronoun refers
  7. 15. a short word which combines with a noun to form a phrase of direction
  8. 16. a noun which names who or what did the action in a sentence
  9. 18. a mark of punctuation which stands for the missing letter or letters in a contraction.
  10. 19. verbs short verbs that link the subject to the complete predicate
  11. 20. serves the same function as italics to indicate a title
  12. 21. a person, place or thinga
  1. 1. a verbal ending in ing which is used as a noun in a sentence.
  2. 4. the proper punctuation for the first letter of a sentence or proper nouns
  3. 6. words that describe nouns
  4. 7. slanted writing which is used for titles of books, movies, TV shows or boats
  5. 8. verbs a verb that shows action and takes a direct object
  6. 9. objects nouns that appear after action verbs
  7. 13. marks of punctuation that stand for a pause in a sentnece
  8. 14. a shortened form of two words which uses an apostrophe
  9. 15. a word which takes the place of a noun, such as he, she, it, etc.
  10. 17. words that describe verbs, adjectives and adverbs