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Electrifying Letters

  1. 2. A circuit that is made up of a group of separate circuits is a _________ circuit.
  2. 3. A method of charging where the materials can all be the same or all be different.
  3. 4. In a circuit, items connected in a row are connected in ________.
  4. 5. A detection machine in a circuit which is connected to a load in parallel.
  5. 10. To charge an object permanently, you must charge it by _____________.
  6. 13. When two objects are rubbed together, you can tell from the _____________ Series which will be positively charged and which will be negatively charged.
  7. 15. A material that easily allows electrons to flow through it.
  8. 16. A machine used to measure current.
  9. 18. The component of a circuit that uses up the voltage supplied by the power source.
  1. 1. A method of charging where two objects are rubbed together.
  2. 2. Protons have this charge
  3. 6. A machine that detects electric charge.
  4. 7. A material that does not allow electrons to flow freely.
  5. 8. An unbroken path for electrons to flow.
  6. 9. Opposite charges do this
  7. 11. Electrons have this charge
  8. 12. You do this to an object when you ground it.
  9. 14. The flow of electrons.
  10. 17. Like charges _________.