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Elements and Principals

  1. 2. using repetition of elements to create interest in an art piece
  2. 8. similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure/ground
  3. 10. the actual color of an object, painting, etc
  4. 11. element of art that is characterized by hue, value and intensity
  5. 13. how a sense of depth is achieved in art
  6. 14. a 2D element of art, limited to height and width
  7. 17. use of recurring shapes, colors, or elements which reinforce the artistic idea of a piece
  8. 19. the ability for the elements of art to work together successfully
  9. 20. any mark made on art surface
  10. 23. adding different shapes and colors and contrast to a work of art, creating diversity in the piece
  11. 24. using elements and principals of art to create a visual movement
  1. 1. how various artistic elements relate to one another
  2. 2. these help put the elements of art to work to create substance
  3. 3. an element of art which depicts how an object might feel if touched
  4. 4. the ability of the eye to determine foreground objects in artwork, separate from the background
  5. 5. the tools of art such as color, form, line, shape, etc
  6. 6. when the elements of a piece of art come together successfully
  7. 7. using symmetry and asymmetry to create stability in a work of art
  8. 9. sharp differences in key areas of a work of art, meant to catch the viewers eye
  9. 12. the lightness or darkness of a hue or color
  10. 15. the shape of an art object,whether 2D or 3D
  11. 16. the depth or brightness of a color
  12. 18. the ability to make the important elements of a design to have emphasis
  13. 21. those areas of a work of art which stand out significantly
  14. 22. 'negative space' or empty space in artwork
  15. 25. key elements in art that draw the eye through the entire work