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English Plus Crossword Puzzle 02

  1. 3. optimistic, hopeful, or confident about the future (e.g. Although the economy is looking better, we should still not be too ______ about the future.)
  2. 4. a group of people who have a common characteristic or purpose (e.g. My friend has a ______ that he likes to hang out with because they are all so similar.)
  3. 8. good for drinking without fear of poisoning or disease; drinkable (e.g. There was a lack of ______ water because of the drought.)
  4. 9. in a manner that is smooth and satisfying (e.g. The track meet went ______, as we won a gold medal.)
  5. 10. produced, living, or existing naturally (e.g. The class of students enjoyed learning about unusual animals that are ______ and found naturally in the wild in North America.)
  1. 1. a person who sings in a choir (e.g. Even though he likes playing the piano for the choir more than being a ______, the young man is a talented singer.)
  2. 2. to excite and encourage (e.g. The writer loved to ______ others with his uplifting poems.)
  3. 5. to astonish to the point that a person's thinking ability is decreased (e.g. Seeing the naked woman was enough to ______ the bus driver and cause him to drive off the road.)
  4. 6. the natural shedding of parts of a plant (e.g. ______ of leaves occurs during autumn, before winter sets in.)
  5. 7. an individual who uses his or her behavior to catch peoples' attention (e.g. The female rapper is an ______ who attracts attention by wearing revealing clothing.)