English Plus Episode 644 Vocabulary Building | In Search of A Common Language

  1. 2. You use ______ to emphasize that something is very great or intense.
  2. 4. A ______ of people or things is a great number of them.
  3. 5. A ______ is someone who has been doing a job or other activity for only a short time and so is not experienced at it.
  4. 6. The ______s of a theory or belief are the main principles on which it is based.
  5. 8. Nascent things or processes are just beginning, and are expected to become stronger or to grow bigger.
  6. 9. To ______ an action or process, especially one that you would like to happen, means to make it easier or more likely to happen.
  1. 1. To ______ something such as an activity or idea means to help it to develop.
  2. 2. Something that is ______ is dull and uninteresting.
  3. 3. Something bad that is ______ never stops or never becomes less intense.
  4. 7. Syntax is the ways that words can be put together, or are put together, in order to make sentences.