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  1. 1. a special forest which located in the tropics
  2. 4. a process that results from rising water levels
  3. 7. shooting wild animals
  4. 8. the process of cutting down trees in the woods
  5. 10. a person who fight against environmental damage
  6. 11. the community of life that surrounds people
  7. 14. a source of energy extracted from nature
  8. 15. natural home or environment of an animal or plant
  9. 16. dirty water used in household
  10. 17. gas emitted by plants
  11. 18. in today's world, it is the most widely used material that can destroy aquatic life
  12. 20. it doesn't rain for a long time and results in water shortage.
  1. 2. the process of making a new product from waste
  2. 3. an area, water or air that is not clean
  3. 5. the process by which the soil becomes barren, dry sand
  4. 6. it is a used thing, an object that we throw away in the trash after using it
  5. 9. animal species that are on the verge of extinction
  6. 12. all passion is like that
  7. 13. the process of throwing garbage in to the nature
  8. 19. flue gas from car exhaust