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  1. 2. to make something new from materials that have been used before
  2. 6. higher air and sea temperatures partly caused by man-made increases in greenhouse-gas levels
  3. 7. a fuel like oil or coal formed from very old plant and animal fossils
  4. 14. a gas that's released by plants and by burning fossil fuels
  5. 16. a poor nation that's gradually becoming richer and more advanced
  6. 17. a gas in the atmosphere that stops heat from escaping into space
  7. 18. to put organic waste like vegetable peels, uneaten food, grass clippings and leaves into a large container that breaks it down into healthy soil
  8. 19. a thick dirty cloud at ground level caused by pollutants reacting to sunlight
  1. 1. animals, birds, insects, etc. living naturally in the wild
  2. 3. global changes in temperature, wind patterns, rainfall, etc.
  3. 4. a measurement of the amount of CO2 a person adds to the atmosphere
  4. 5. the contamination of the environment
  5. 8. animals or plants in danger of becoming extinct or disappearing in the near future
  6. 9. can be used without running out, esp. of energy sources like solar and wind
  7. 10. rubbish or garbage from a house or apartment
  8. 11. a forestry or logging practice in which most or all trees in an area are cut down
  9. 12. the order in which organisms in an ecosystem eat one another
  10. 13. rain that contains harmful chemicals that collect in the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned
  11. 15. the planting of trees and plants to help a damaged or destroyed forest recover