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  1. 4. waste the rubbish usually produced in a house.
  2. 5. water water that flows from a tap.
  3. 6. energy any natural source of energy theoretically inexhaustible.
  4. 8. something that is ready to be used if needed.
  5. 11. to clear of forest and trees
  6. 13. a great flow of water, usually covering the area.
  7. 14. intended to to be used once or for a short time.
  8. 15. a tropical wood in an area where it rains a lot.
  9. 16. a list showing how much energy you have to pay.
  1. 1. fuels any combustible organic material derived from organic life.
  2. 2. a place where garbage is thrown.
  3. 3. species animals in danger of disappearing.
  4. 5. intended to be used many times.
  5. 7. an increase in the average temperature of earth's atmosphere.
  6. 9. a long period of dry weather.
  7. 10. the illegal practice of hunting animals without permission
  8. 12. A piece of electrical equipment that is used in people's homes.