1. 3. another name for a living thing
  2. 6. another word for move away from
  3. 7. living things of the same kind living together in the same place
  4. 9. the place a living thing lived in
  5. 11. air, water, temperature, type of soil, light are ______ characteristics in an environment that affects the survival of a living thing
  6. 12. a new species added to a community might increase _______ for food
  7. 14. conditions that made it suitable for living
  8. 15. change in appearance or behavior in order to survive in the environment
  9. 16. water, sunlight, chlorophyll and carbon dioxide are needed for _____
  10. 18. the type of dry soil found in a desert
  11. 19. garden soil contains a lot of ______ that supports plant growth
  1. 1. many different species of living things living together in the same place
  2. 2. food availability and organisms present in the environment are ____ factors
  3. 4. too little water on land
  4. 5. too much water on land
  5. 8. factors affecting the survival of a living thing are _____ of each other
  6. 10. the type of wet soil found in a muddy swamp
  7. 11. insects and birds help in ______ when they collect nectar from flowers
  8. 13. an attack of ______ will cause a sharp decrease in population size of a living thing
  9. 17. too little food for living things