Envision Math topic 3

  1. 4. property of multiplication when we multiply by zero the product is zero
  2. 7. products multiplying each digit of a number with each digit of another number where each digit maintains its place value
  3. 9. property how we distribute multiplication over addition and subtraction
  4. 11. a number representing the power to which that number is raised
  5. 12. form 200 + 40 + 6 =
  6. 15. it does not matter which numbers you multiply first
  7. 16. to estimate as being more in actual size, quantity, or number
  8. 18. a number the divides the given number evenly leaving no remainder
  9. 20. property of multiplication a number that retains the same value when multiplied by 1
  1. 1. to estimate as being less in actual size, quantity, or number
  2. 2. the result of multiplying a number by itself
  3. 3. the result of two or more numbers multiplied together
  4. 5. the result you get after multiplying two numbers together
  5. 6. property of multiplication changing the order of the factors does not change the product
  6. 8. an expression that represents repeated multiplication of the same factor
  7. 10. notation a way of expressing numbers that are too large or too small to be written in decimal form
  8. 13. property of multiplication when performing a multiplication problem with two or more
  9. 14. a number to the third power
  10. 17. the total number of digits that express numbers
  11. 19. form 123