Episode 697 Five and Alive Word Power

  1. 3. If you have no ______s about doing something, you are not worried that it may be wrong in some way.
  2. 6. A ______ stage is related to the stage where the formation, development or growth of something occurs.
  3. 7. If something is ______ to you, it is clear and obvious to you.
  4. 8. If you ______ something such as a plan, you ensure that what has been planned is done.
  5. 9. ______s are a group of trees and shrubs, for example pine trees and fir trees, that grow in cooler areas of the world. They have fruit called cones, and very thin leaves called needles which they do not normally lose in winter.
  1. 1. You can refer to the suffering or difficulty that you experience in a particular situation as ______s.
  2. 2. Something that is ______ has a mark, fault, or mistake in it.
  3. 4. ______ means relating to the structure of the bodies of people and animals.
  4. 5. ______s are factors or limits which affect the way that something can be done or made.
  5. 10. When we use ______ referring to a substance, we mean that its’s capable of catching fire, causing fires, or burning readily.