Episode 703 Celia Thaxter and Childe Hassam Word Power

  1. 1. A ______ is someone who gives an artist ideas or a desire to create art, poetry, or music.
  2. 4. If there is a ______ of something or if it occurs in ______, there is a very large quantity or variety of it.
  3. 6. ______ is the act of working together to produce a piece of work, especially a book or some research.
  4. 8. You can use ______ to refer to anything that is a mixture of other things, especially two other things.
  5. 9. If a thought or idea is ______ed from previous thoughts, ideas, or experiences, it comes from them. If it is ______ed into something, it becomes part of that thing.
  6. 10. To ______ something especially in the context of art, you interpret it using your own artistic vision rather than copying it as it is.
  1. 2. Something that is ______ gradually disappears from sight or memory.
  2. 3. A ______ conversation or performance is very lively and interesting.
  3. 5. If someone is ______, they are serious or sad.
  4. 7. If you ______ towards a particular place, thing, or activity, you are attracted by it and go to it or get involved in it.