Episode 710 The Terra Cotta Army Word Power

  1. 2. If someone in a position of authority will ______ no interference or opposition, they will not accept any interference or opposition from others.
  2. 4. An ______ is a liquid that is considered to have magical powers.
  3. 6. When a dead person is ______red, they are buried.
  4. 8. Something that is ______ is grand and obviously very expensive.
  5. 10. ______ means causing or capable of producing evil or mischief.
  1. 1. If something such as a position or opinion is to ______, or if something is to ______ it, it becomes firmer and more definite and unlikely to change.
  2. 3. A ______ feeling, state, or quality is one that never ends or changes.
  3. 5. The ______ of an army is the part of it that goes into battle first.
  4. 7. A famous or important person's ______ is the group of assistants, servants, or other people who travel with them.
  5. 9. An ______ is a person in authority who has complete power.