Episode 737 The Moche of Ancient Peru Word Power

  1. 3. To ______ is to shorten by cutting off a part, end, or top of something.
  2. 8. The ______ of a group of people consists of the symbols, pictures, and objects which represent their ideas and way of life.
  3. 9. If you describe something as ______, you mean it is bigger or more elaborate than necessary.
  1. 1. A ______ is a sudden, very heavy fall of rain that usually causes great floods.
  2. 2. If you describe someone as ______, you mean that they do things very carefully and with great attention to detail.
  3. 4. ______ land is so dry that very few plants can grow on it.
  4. 5. When you describe a period or a culture as ______, you mean it is at a state or period of being in bloom or of flourishing.
  5. 6. If something is ______ in a particular material or in a particular way, it has been created in that material or way.
  6. 7. ______ occurrences of something happen at irregular intervals.
  7. 10. If you describe something as ______, you mean that it has a wonderful quality that affects you deeply.