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Essential Vocabulary

  1. 2. rent to pay to use something for a short period (v)
  2. 4. to give an answer when you do not have all the facts and so cannot be certain if you are correct (v)
  3. 6. to be able to buy or do something because you have enough money or time (v)
  4. 8. the way you deal with or behave towards someone or something (n)
  5. 9. to decorate something by adding objects, pieces of material, etc. that make it look attractive (v)
  6. 10. to reward someone (v)
  1. 1. a special and enjoyable occasion (n)
  2. 3. physical or mental activity needed to achieve something (n)
  3. 5. to give up something that is valuable to you in order to help another person (v)
  4. 7. to go to another place to get something or someone and bring it, him, or her back (v)