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Everything Spring

  1. 3. What month is Mother's Day?
  2. 4. Which state does Spring training for Major League take place?
  3. 6. Which directions do birds go in the Spring?
  4. 10. Term defined as when day and night are equal in length
  5. 11. Greek Goddess of Spring
  6. 12. Spring is a result of the warmth caused by the changing blank of the Earth's axis relative to the Sun
  7. 13. These birds are known for mimicking the sounds of other birds
  8. 16. Latin word for spring
  9. 17. First month of Spring
  1. 1. First proposed Daylight Savings Time in 1784
  2. 2. Season when butterflies and moths emerge from cocoons
  3. 3. Butterfly that like to fly South for the winter and lays eggs on milkweed
  4. 5. Number of body parts on most insects
  5. 7. The bird often seen as symbolizing the arrival of Spring
  6. 8. Which imagery is most associated with the spring season?
  7. 9. Last month of Spring
  8. 14. What does spring symbolize?
  9. 15. To shed the skin or exoskeleton in the process of growth