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Everything Valentines

  1. 2. The Valentines cards we know today did not actually become a thing until the
  2. 3. Oldest known Valentine still in existence was a poem written by
  3. 8. The Heart was once widely believed to be this
  4. 9. This person was the first to sell boxed chocolates in Heart shaped boxes
  5. 11. Cupid is the symbol for Valentines, Cupid is also known as the son of Venus. Venus is known as this
  6. 12. This singer has a song called My Valentine
  7. 15. Valentines day has the most of these out of any other day in the year
  8. 19. It is believed Valentines day was moved to February 14th because it is the beginning of this
  9. 20. Ester Howard the creator of the sentimental Valentine is known as this
  1. 1. Men and Women in the middle ages would pin hearts on them during Valentines to show their feelings. What is this called
  2. 4. St Valentine is rumoured to have signed this at the end of a letter to his jailer’s daughter after he was imprisoned by an emperor
  3. 5. Valentines day has origins linked to this roman festival
  4. 6. Candy Heart Messages were first created as this
  5. 7. This gets given out more on Valentines than chocolate or flowers
  6. 10. Only one other day beats out Valentines for Flower sales
  7. 13. These guys were one of the first to mass produce Valentines day cards
  8. 14. These people receive more Valentines day cards than anyone else
  9. 16. It is estimated this many heart shaped boxes are sold each year
  10. 17. This movie has valentine in the title and was released twice. 1981 and 2009
  11. 18. This movie came out on Valentines day 2005