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  1. 4. structures with the same function, but are structurally different
  2. 6. individuals that can interbreed and reproduce viable offspring
  3. 8. variety of species
  4. 10. study of embryos that can be used as evidence of common ancestry
  5. 12. physical appearance of a trait
  6. 14. random event causes a change in allele frequency
  7. 15. type of reproduction that results in genetically identical offspring
  8. 16. how often an allele appears in a population
  9. 17. differences in genes
  10. 18. formation of new species
  1. 1. random change in DNA sequence
  2. 2. type of reproduction that results in genetically unique offspring
  3. 3. structures that show common ancestry
  4. 5. mechanism of evolution where species that have traits most fit for their environment reproduce
  5. 7. members of the same species that live in the same geographic area
  6. 9. heritable changes in a species or population over generations
  7. 11. structures that have are remnants of an ancestor, but no longer have a necessary function
  8. 13. trait that helps an organism survive in its environment