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Expressions Advance Vocabulary Test

  1. 2. The numbers being added.
  2. 3. The set of positive whole numbers, their opposites and 0.
  3. 4. This property of addition states that the sum of any number and zero is that number.
  4. 6. A number that can be written as a ratio of two integers and the denominator is not zero.
  5. 9. To express in simplest terms.
  6. 10. Product The product of one numerator and the opposite denominator in a proportion.
  7. 11. What type of decimal stops.
  8. 16. This property of addition states that changing the grouping of the addends doesn't change the sum. (Grouping does not matter.)
  9. 18. The Identity property of _____ states that the product of any number and one is that number.
  10. 19. The opposite. Also, operations that undo each other.
  11. 20. Value Tells you the value of a digit based on its place in a particular number.
  12. 22. The numerical factor of a term that contains a variable.
  13. 23. The top number in a fraction.
  14. 24. This type of fraction has a numerator greater than the denominator.
  1. 1. A portion of 100.
  2. 5. The bottom number in a fraction.
  3. 7. Parts of an expression that are separated by addition or subtraction.
  4. 8. A number's distance from zero.
  5. 12. The answer to a subtraction problem.
  6. 13. A ratio or comparison of two quantities with different units.
  7. 14. This property shows how multiplication affects an addition and subtraction problem.
  8. 15. Lines that run from left to right.
  9. 17. To replace each variable with a number and then follow the order of operations.
  10. 20. The answer to a multiplication problem.
  11. 21. The smallest multiple that 2 or more numbers have in common.