1. 4. date the day that your book is due back
  2. 5. the wooden furniture that holds books
  3. 7. fiction books about space or dystopian futures/pasts
  4. 10. on-fiction books that are about a specific topic, not biographies
  5. 13. narrative books that tell made up stories
  6. 14. where you return books
  7. 15. fiction books about a specific time or event in the past
  8. 16. fiction books involving a detective or case that needs to be solved
  1. 1. fiction books about realistic stories that often deal with current social issues
  2. 2. the name of the librarian
  3. 3. the name for a category of books that fall under the same topic (like "scifi" or "romance")
  4. 6. used to be called "comics"
  5. 8. fiction books that tell a love story
  6. 9. non-fiction books that tell a real person's life story
  7. 11. fiction books involving survival or action
  8. 12. fiction books about scary things or paranormal creatures
  9. 13. fiction books about magic or fairytales