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Fairy Tales

  1. 2. In the Disney telling of the tale, Aladdin has a pet/friend monkey whom he calls ____.
  2. 4. The original story does not have a happy ending. Instead of marrying the Prince and living happily ever after she instead turns into sea _____.
  3. 7. The Disney retelling of The Snow Queen's story is called ______. It is very loosely based on the tale, but was still said to be so.
  4. 8. The Prince, from Disney's retelling of the Frog Prince's story has a traveling companion by the name of __________. He tries to take the Princes place.
  5. 9. The third little piggy built his house out of ________.
  6. 13. Cinderella's Prince now has a name to go along with his fame. He didn't have a name if the film or the original story, but he now does. And that name is _______.
  7. 15. In the Disney retelling, the Cinder Girl, is assisted by her fairy __________.
  8. 16. The second time Hansel and Gretel are left behind, they take to using _____ crumbs to mark their path.
  9. 18. Mulan's grandmother prays to her _________ for safety upon learning of Mulan's departure.
  10. 22. In the Disney version of the story, ________ are released every year on Rapunzel's birthday.
  11. 26. In the Disney telling of the tale, Aladdin becomes "Prince Ali _________" in order to gain favor with the princess.
  12. 28. What is the name of the evil stepmother who forces her adopted daughter to clean for her and her two other children?
  13. 30. In the Disney retelling of the tale, the best friend of the main female character's name is ___________. Who tries desperately to kiss the frog prince for her friend to break the curse.
  14. 31. The Evil Royal Vizier in the Disney telling of the Aladdin story.
  15. 32. As one of the tales in "The Book of One Thousand and One Nights", this story is known as one of the "orphan tales" along with Alibaba
  16. 33. The Big Bad Wolf convinces the girl in red to collect _________ for her grandmother.
  17. 34. In the story of the Frog princes there are a few methods that were used to break the spell. The frog had to be thrown against the wall, sleep on the princess pillow, or as many know it to be, recieve a _______ from the spoiled princess.
  18. 35. Gerda, a young girl in the story of the Snow Queen, appears as this Disney Princess in the Frozen retelling of the tale.
  19. 36. In the Disney telling of the tale, Aladdin flies about on a Magic _________.
  20. 37. _________ Rider replaces the prince in the Disney telling of the rapunzel story.
  21. 38. Jack steals three items from the giants at the top of the stalk. A _____ Goose
  1. 1. In the Disney telling of the tale, the sultan's daughter goes by the name of _________.
  2. 3. Ariel's fish friend in the Disney retelling.
  3. 5. With a bite into this fruit, which falls from a tree, this poor princess fell into a deep sleep
  4. 6. Hansel and Gretel are _______ inside by the old hag with the promises of soft beds, good food, and a hot bath.
  5. 10. Jack steals three items from the giants at the top of the stalk. A Bag of _______.
  6. 11. When Hansel and Gretel get lost, they come across a ______ house.
  7. 12. In this story, Jack plants seeds that grow a giant ________.
  8. 14. In a coffin made of glass, is where the young princess was saved at last.
  9. 16. In the Ballad of Mulan, Mulan has a younger ________.
  10. 17. Gerda seeks out to find and save her friend ______.
  11. 19. During her adventures, Alice comes across a rather odd _______ sitting upon a mushroom.
  12. 20. In the Disney retelling, Alice in entertained at the Tea-Party by a song about a "Very Happy Un-_______"
  13. 21. "The Book of One Thousand and One Nights" also known as "The _________ Nights".
  14. 23. The red haired step-sister of the sweet Ella girl.
  15. 24. In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, the handsome _________ wishes to make Belle his wife.
  16. 25. The ________ Cat love to mock the adventuring child and provide her with riddles.
  17. 27. In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, the part of "Beauty" is played by "________".
  18. 29. The City where the Disney version of the Aladdin story takes place.
  19. 33. Rapunzel's weapon of choice in the Disney version of the tale is a _______ Pan.