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Fairy tales

  1. 4. Someone going to see their sick grandma to give bread to them.
  2. 5. Someone is trapped in one of these that has no doors and one window
  3. 6. This character tricks a small girl into telling him where her grandmothers house is.
  4. 10. This is a fast character from a Christmas story.
  5. 11. This character tries to burn people in an oven.
  6. 12. A book where someone gets trapped in a tower.
  7. 13. Two kids come across this in a forest.
  8. 14. In the book The Ugly Duckling what does the duck turn into?
  9. 15. Two kids lost in the woods.
  1. 1. A book that follows someone who wants to go to a ball.
  2. 2. This character is poisoned by an apple.
  3. 3. This is lost on the stairs at a ball.
  4. 7. These were sold to someone at a market.
  5. 8. Someone who trades a cow for magic beans.
  6. 9. This character grants wishes.