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Fairy Tales

  1. 3. His nose grows whenever he lies
  2. 5. She fell in love with a beast
  3. 8. She was kidnapped and locked into a tower
  4. 10. She broke into the three bear's house
  5. 11. He left a trail of bread so that he and his sister could get home
  6. 12. He is the shy one of the seven dwarves
  7. 13. She has two ugly step-sisters
  1. 1. A prince gave her a kiss of true love to save her
  2. 2. A wolf tried to blow down all their houses
  3. 4. She pricked her finger on a spindle
  4. 6. She was swallowed by a wolf
  5. 7. He traded a cow for magic beans
  6. 9. Cinderella lost in this on the steps outside of the ball.