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Farm animals

  1. 1. It has brown wings. It's small and it can fly.
  2. 4. It gives you eggs.
  3. 5. A baby sheep. Some people eat it for Easter.
  4. 7. A baby hen.
  5. 10. It's big and fluffy. You can make clothes out of its wool.
  6. 12. It's a white bird. It's bigger than a duck.
  7. 13. It's a pet but it can also live on the farm. Sometimes it herds sheep.
  8. 14. It's a pet but it can live on the farm. It catches mice.
  1. 1. It's smaller than a horse and it's very stubborn.
  2. 2. A baby cow
  3. 3. A very small chicken. It's yellow and fluffy.
  4. 6. The cow's husband
  5. 8. It's big. It can be black, brown or white. It has got a long tail. You can ride it.
  6. 9. It's got horns. It can jump very high.
  7. 11. It can get big and fat.It likes to roll in the mud.
  8. 14. It's big. It can have spots. It gives you milk.