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Fastback Beach

  1. 2. Barnier Stroke sufferer; life-long hot rodder; Miles' boss?
  2. 4. Kirkpatrick Mercedes-driving probation officer
  3. 5. party The location of the fight between Miles and Spider
  4. 7. The name of the community association assigned to Miles for his community work
  5. 10. Miles' plea in front of the judge
  6. 11. Am Spider drives this brand of car
  7. 12. Chrysler engine unique for the design of the engine heads
  8. 15. Spider used this tool to remove the Club from the steering wheel of the stolen car
  9. 17. Spider ripped this to gain entry into the stolen car
  10. 20. Former racecar driver; left Miles and his Mom
  11. 21. Wins over Miles with her engine reassembling ability
  12. 22. Yorker The model name for Larry's car
  1. 1. to take away
  2. 3. space cadet; Larry's girlfriend; party host
  3. 4. The type of car stolen by Miles, Spider, and Larry
  4. 6. The driver of the car at the time of the wreck
  5. 8. A weapon Spider attempted to use during his fight with Miles
  6. 9. The narrator
  7. 13. Santonio This teacher frwoned upon tardy students
  8. 14. to rock back and forth
  9. 16. Morash Transmission business owner; daughter dates Miles
  10. 18. a punishment over a period of time
  11. 19. accountant; boyfriend to Miles' Mom