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February Crossword

  1. 4. A fun holiday associated with love
  2. 7. Known as a candy and as a nickname for loved ones
  3. 8. A baby with wings who shoots people with his arrow to help them fall in love
  4. 11. Celebrated every new year in Asian countries
  5. 12. A popular gift given every Valentines that smell nice and look pretty
  6. 13. A day in which you see if winter will last for 6 more weeks or if it is about to end
  7. 14. The shortest month of the year
  1. 1. Happens every four years in February
  2. 2. Every nation joins together every four years to compete in the_______
  3. 3. Symbol for Valentines Day
  4. 5. The coldest season, the season February is in
  5. 6. The celebration of black lives in February
  6. 9. A day to honor Presidents of the United States
  7. 10. A big football event that takes place in February
  8. 13. An award show that happens every February