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Film Genres

  1. 2. these movies have magic, supernatural events, mythology, folklore, or exotic worlds.
  2. 5. movies about someone’s life story
  3. 6. films made with drawings, sometimes with computers, and actors do the voice-over
  4. 9. non-fictional film with facts and information about reality
  5. 10. movies about love and relationships
  6. 12. funny movies that make you laugh
  7. 13. movies in which people sing and dance
  1. 1. movies in the U.S. with cowboys and indians
  2. 3. movies about true situations in the past
  3. 4. movies with the police, detectives, and criminals
  4. 7. movies with a hero and people shooting, fighting and car pursuits.
  5. 8. scary movies about zombies, killers, with lots of blood and death
  6. 11. movies with a lot of suspense and enigmas