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Floral Design

  1. 1. composed of different materials on either side of the central axis
  2. 4. mixture of a primary color and secondary color in equal amounts
  3. 7. combination of any three colors equally distant from one another on a color wheel
  4. 8. mixture of two primary colors in equal amounts
  5. 9. are created using reds, oranges and yellows or various combinations of each; tend to represent sunlight and/or heat
  6. 10. colorful flowers that have a large, distinctive, sometimes unusual shape
  7. 13. are created using blues, greens and purples or various combinations of each; tend to represent water or the sky
  8. 14. two dimensional; geometric shape of an object
  9. 15. four colors equally spaced on a color wheel
  10. 16. visual path the eye is drawn or attracted as it proceeds through the arrangement
  11. 19. amount of materials, position and colors are the same on both sides of the central axis; mirror images
  12. 22. location within a design attracting the most attention; center of interest in a design
  13. 24. three dimensional configuration or shape
  14. 26. light reflected off an object; also referred to as hue
  15. 27. relationship in elements within a design in shape, size, quantity and degree of emphasis
  16. 29. having or consisting of one color or hue
  17. 30. any two colors which are directly opposite each other on a color wheel
  1. 2. colors which are easily seen at a distance
  2. 3. visual or tactile feel of an item
  3. 5. total area a person can see of the design
  4. 6. basic building blocks of the color system; red, yellow and blue
  5. 8. amount of space a piece of the arrangement occupies
  6. 11. colors which do not show up at a distance
  7. 12. basic visual qualities of a design; includes line, form, space, texture, pattern, color, size and fragrance
  8. 17. floral material which has an “airy” look to create the finishing touch
  9. 18. created by repeating lines, shapes and forms
  10. 20. any three colors which are side by side on a 12-part color wheel
  11. 21. area not occupied by materials
  12. 22. appealing odor emanating from a specific item
  13. 23. area occupied by materials
  14. 25. round, solid flowers usually used as a focal point in the arrangement
  15. 28. equality of distribution throughout an arrangement