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  1. 2. a soft sweet round fruit with red and yellow skin
  2. 3. a soft pale yellow food made from cream that you put on bread and use in cooking
  3. 7. a round sweet orange fruit with a thick skin
  4. 8. a vegetable like a small onion
  5. 12. a sweet food made from fruit that you spread on bread
  6. 13. a small grains from a plant that are cooked and eaten
  7. 15. a large round sweet fruit with a thick
  8. 16. a white part that you eat and liquid in the centre
  9. 18. an oval-shaped pale green or yellow fruit
  10. 19. a small round red fruit
  11. 20. a white liquid
  12. 21. a small green fruit with black seeds and brown hairy skin
  13. 24. a small red fruit
  14. 27. a round vegetable with layers
  15. 28. a small round green purple or red fruit
  16. 30. a thick liquid food with a slightly sour taste which is made from milk
  17. 31. a cold mixture of vegetables
  1. 1. a food that is made from milk
  2. 4. a large silver fish or the pink meat of this fish
  3. 5. a round vegetable with a brown
  4. 6. an orange vegetable that is long
  5. 9. round fruit with a green or red skin
  6. 10. a bird kept on a farm for its meat and eggs
  7. 11. an oval yellow fruit that has sour juice
  8. 14. a long green vegetable that you eat raw in salads
  9. 17. a long white and green vegetable that smells and tastes similar to an onion
  10. 22. a large round green fruit that is pink inside
  11. 23. curved fruit with a yellow skin
  12. 25. red fuit eaten in salad or as a vegetable
  13. 26. a basic food made by mixture and baking flour and water
  14. 29. a soft round fruit with red yellow or purple skin