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  1. 1. a long thin piece of potato that is cooked in oil or i eat in a packet for break
  2. 3. meat from a pig cut into long thin slices
  3. 7. cream a sweet freeze food made from frozen milk or cream and sugar i usually eat in summer
  4. 9. a soft sweet round fruit with red and yellow skin
  5. 11. a sweet food made from flour butter sugar and eggs mixed together and baked
  6. 13. a long curved fruit with a yellow skin
  7. 15. a sweet soft food made with oranges or lemons and often eaten on toast
  8. 16. a hard round fruit with a green or red skin
  9. 17. a long green vegetable which is white inside
  10. 20. a large round sweet fruit with a thick green or yellow skin and a lot of seeds
  11. 21. a large round green fruit that is pink inside with a lot of black seeds
  12. 23. a large round yellow fruit with a sour taste
  13. 25. a large fruit with thick skin and sharp leaves sticking out of the top which is sweet and yellow inside
  14. 26. an oval purple vegetable that is white inside
  15. 28. a very large nut with a hard hairy shell a white part that you eat, and liquid in the centre
  16. 29. a round vegetable with a brown yellow or red skin that grows in the ground
  1. 2. a sweet sticky food that is made by bees
  2. 4. a long green vegetable that you eat raw in salads
  3. 5. a sweet brown food that is usually sold in a block
  4. 6. a summer a small round red or black fruit with a large seed inside
  5. 8. the meat of a cow
  6. 10. a vegetable like a small onion with a very strong taste and smell
  7. 11. an orangecoloured vegetable that is long and thin and grows in the ground
  8. 12. an ovalshaped pale green or yellow fruit
  9. 14. a small soft dark purple fruit with seeds
  10. 18. a soft round red fruit eaten in salad or as a vegetable
  11. 19. a small red fruit with a green leaf at the top and small brown seeds on its surface
  12. 22. a round vegetable with layers that has a strong taste and smell
  13. 24. a small summer soft orange fruit with large seed inside
  14. 27. i eat in italian breakfast or for break with chocolate chips