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  1. 3. What is the zone where you can leave meat called
  2. 5. Whats something you should always keep tied back when cooking
  3. 6. How long can you put meat in the danger zone
  4. 9. What's the most commonly used knife in the kitchen
  5. 12. Whats something that kitchen safety can save you from
  6. 13. WHats one thing you MUST do before cooking wash your
  7. 15. How do many oopsies in the kitchen happen
  8. 16. What's another common allergies
  9. 17. What is something kitchen safety can save you from
  10. 18. When using a knife, whats the most common mistake
  11. 19. How long should you atleast wash your hands for
  12. 20. Whats another thing that kitchen safety can save you from
  1. 1. clothes Whats something you should never wear while cooking
  2. 2. What's one common allergies
  3. 4. Who should you give the epipen to after using it
  4. 7. What knife do you use for cutting large meats
  5. 8. What should you put on a fat fire to put it out
  6. 10. true or false: soak knives in a filled up sink
  7. 11. What side of the epipen should be placed on the thigh
  8. 14. What's the last most common allergies