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  1. 5. a food mexican made whit bread thin, covering meat, beans and cheese
  2. 6. liquid food made from vegetables, meat, chicken or fish
  3. 10. a food made from frozen milk or cream and sugar, is sweet and very cold
  4. 11. a drink of coffe with milke sparkling
  5. 13. a meal with bread and a sausage in the middle
  6. 14. chicken product scrambled and usually with cheese
  7. 15. chopped vegetables and dipped in dressing
  8. 16. brown grains that must be soaked the day before to be prepared
  9. 18. a drink with alcohol of color pale brown
  10. 19. a food made of cooking meat, vegetables, at low heat, in ot deep container heavy
  1. 1. a round vegetable that grows underground fried
  2. 2. fruits cut and mixed with yogurt
  3. 3. grains of a type of cereal that is eaten cooked and is normally white
  4. 4. shredded and canned fish
  5. 7. a food made from flour and water, mixed together and baked
  6. 8. thin and wide sheets of pasta covering shredded meat or chicken
  7. 9. a small cake fried with a hole in the middle and filled with jam
  8. 11. two thick, round slices of bread, covering a piece of ground meat with lots of cheese and tomato slices
  9. 12. a sweet food made with flour, eggs, fat, and sugar and fruits or chocolate
  10. 17. Italian fash food