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  1. 5. is soft and fluffy, it is made from wheat corn
  2. 7. they are made of corn and are baked.
  3. 10. comes out of the chicken and eats it for breakfast.
  4. 11. is produced by the bee is sweet and has great nutritional value
  5. 13. is white and you eat every day.
  6. 15. is cold and sweet, there are all flavors.
  7. 16. has a much chesse and is circular.
  8. 19. are long and eaten with soups.
  9. 20. is red is made of meat and is shaped like a cylinder.
  1. 1. chicken is chicken covered in a layer of flour with egg.
  2. 2. inst very healt but is delicius and is accompanied with chips.
  3. 3. is sweet,brown and it's shaped like a rectangle.
  4. 4. comes out of the cow and eats it with masamorra
  5. 6. is a hot black drink and is used to keep you awake
  6. 8. is a dairy product, it has fruit flavor.
  7. 9. is white and is eaten to watch movies.
  8. 12. is healthy and contains vegetables or fruits.
  9. 14. you eat with hamburger
  10. 17. is a carbonated drink and is not healthy.
  11. 18. comes out of the sea or rivers, has fins.