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Foods to Eat

  1. 4. Fruit like Apples, Bananas, Blackberrys, Blueberrys, Ciderberry, Elderberry, Limes, Oranges, Mangos, Peaches, Watermelon, Grapes, Pineapple, Pears, Mangos, Plums, Strawberrys, Chocolate Gum, Limeberry, Sugar Canes, and even an Extra Fruity Watermelon That's a real fruit!
  2. 6. Matzos are tacos.
  3. 7. Pastries have a main dish at the store.
  4. 9. Bars like Breakfast, Granola, Nutrition and even a liter bar.
  5. 10. Poultry Like Chicken, Turkey, Ducks or a Goose.
  6. 11. Get some cream cheese to spread your crispbread with topping, putting and more.
  7. 12. Creamspreads is Cream Sprayer that holds up to 30 feet long of cream cheese.
  8. 14. It's a Drink that is looked like a soda.
  9. 17. You can put gravy on Mashed Potatoes.
  10. 18. Condiments that you can hold at these stations that we can hold.
  11. 19. Snacks is look like Chips, Preztels and Cheese.
  12. 21. Chicken can cut up into lots of pieces into an oven.
  13. 23. You Can Crack an Egg.
  14. 28. Dessert Toppings like Whip Cream Only.
  15. 32. Pies can heat up into the oven Or some Fruit.
  16. 34. Soups is look like Chicken Soup or mabye Tomato Soup.
  17. 35. Desserts like Pies, Muffins, Donuts, Cupcakes and More!
  18. 37. Breakfast Cereals Like Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Raisins Candy, Homemade Cereal, Cinnamon Toast, Bagel Cereal and Soo many Breakfast Cereals to choose from.
  19. 39. Breads are made up like sandwiches.
  20. 41. Jam is putted in the jar.
  21. 43. Rice is shaped like chicken and rice.
  22. 45. Chocolate Candy like Twix, Hershey's, Snicker's Bars, Hanero Chocolates, Christmas Chocolates on Christmas, M'ms, Whoppers, Milk Dods, Chocolate Gum and Many More.
  23. 49. Honey is made by bees.
  24. 50. Each Flavor can hold up to Strawberry or mabye Blueberry and Mabye up to a Watermelon Flavor!!!
  25. 51. Syrups like Strawberry Syrup, Banana Syrup, Blueberry Syrup and Chocolate Syrup.
  26. 53. Cheese melts into liquid turns into Yellow Milk, Yellow Water and Yellow Gases.
  27. 54. Sauces that you can put chips in sauces.
  28. 55. Meats like Raw Beef, Raw Chicken, Raw Porkchop and Raw Mutton.
  29. 56. We can Decorate Cakes like Putting, Hot Fudge, Brownies and White Fudge.
  30. 58. Noodles is in the Noodles Company signal.
  1. 1. Flour is you touch with something with flour in it. Flour converts with sugar. Flour is White.
  2. 2. Waffles can bake up in the toaster And when it pops out then we can decorate with Chocolate Chip Skin or Blueberry Skin Now we can Put with Maple Syrup, Banana Topping, Strawberry Topping, Blueberry Topping, Grape Topping, Lime Topping, Orange Topping, Apple Topping, Chocolate Topping and they Even have a Watermelon Topping!!!
  3. 3. Yogurt is a favorite drink or a menu key but we have: Strawberry Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt, Vanilla Yogurt and Mabye it can go Higher of Banana Yogurt.
  4. 5. Pancakes can bake with some syrup with vititams with special abilitys on power with sprinkles, maple syrup, chocolate syrup and soo much more pancakes!
  5. 8. Salad Dressing only have 4 dressings We Have White Dressing, Black Dressing, Red Dressing and Green Dressing.
  6. 13. You have to make some ingredients to bake something.
  7. 15. Salads is the topping with bacon bits, lettuce, brococil and more!!!
  8. 16. Milk is Milk or Chocolate Milk.
  9. 20. Salsa is a noodle type that is different from these salads into places in one of these bars.
  10. 22. Fats is your extra body.
  11. 24. Gumball Machine has a few gums in it.
  12. 25. Pickles turn into Pickle Water.
  13. 26. Soy is a syrup that covers up a pancake.
  14. 27. Spices is so spicy!!! It's Very Hot!!!
  15. 29. Fish live in underwater.
  16. 30. Nuts grow on trees.
  17. 31. Vegetables like Carrots, Cucumber, Brocolil and Tomatos too.
  18. 33. Sweeteners can be imagine something new about Sweeteners like: Candy, Gum, Chocolate Candy and more!!!
  19. 34. There are 4 seasons: We have Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
  20. 36. Beverages like Soda, Orange Juice, Milk, Tea, Root Beer, Coffee, Sprite, Grape Juice, Diet Coke, Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Soft Drinks, Soda Drinks, Nobody Drinks, Carrot Juice, Mango Juice, Blueberry Juice, Lemomade, Lime Juice and soo many more beverages to choose from.
  21. 38. We can Decorate Donuts like a chocolate skin or a strawberry skin or mabye a cranberry skin They have Rainbow sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Glazed Donuts and So Much More Donuts.
  22. 40. Ice Cream like Firecracker, Popsicle, Mini Edition, Pokemon Edition, LittleBigPlanet Karting Edition and soo Much More Ice Cream Flavors.
  23. 42. Muffins are made up is Strawberrys, Bananas, Blueberrys, Marshmallows, Grapes, Oranges, Pumpkins, Limes, and Chocolate Chip.
  24. 44. Take a half of your cracker
  25. 45. You can sell cookies at McDonald's
  26. 46. Candy like Gum, Sweeties, Smarties and Skittles Too.
  27. 47. Meals are for lunch.
  28. 48. Pasta is a noodle salsa they can put Sauce in it.
  29. 52. Pizza can heat up for 10 to 30 minutes then we decorate it with Pepperoni and Cheese.
  30. 57. Sugar can changeing into Flour Sugar is a drink.