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  1. 4. delicious, crunchy, salty, unhealthy but GOOD
  2. 6. strong flavour, white, feels hot on your tongue when uncooked
  3. 7. a common fruit, usually green or red
  4. 9. green, leafy, crispy, common in home gardens
  5. 10. tiny, usually white in color and usually boiled in pot
  6. 11. used for making spaghetti
  7. 12. you can buy from Macdonalds and King Burger
  8. 15. named after an animal and usually in a bun with sauce on top
  9. 16. traditional Indian food
  10. 17. long thin and green, common in home gardens
  11. 18. a fruit named after its color
  1. 1. green and grows in a pod
  2. 2. hurts your eyes when you cut into it
  3. 3. dark or white, sweet, bad for your teeth but absolutely delicious!
  4. 5. not green but orange, common in home gardens
  5. 8. they make a "pop" sound when cooked, and we love them!
  6. 13. like a cheeseburger, but without the cheese
  7. 14. made from milk, usually cow milk