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  1. 3. To make liquids flow away from a solid food by placing the food in a colander
  2. 8. To cook food in liquid at temperatures just below the boiling point
  3. 9. To thoroughly mix foods using a vigorous over-and-over motion
  4. 10. Small, colorful, edible bits of food used to enhance the appearances and texture of any dish
  5. 11. To cook meats or poultry uncovered in a conventional oven
  6. 12. To cook food by browning it and then simmering it in a small amount of liquid
  7. 15. Cooking food by immersing it in hot fat
  8. 18. To cook food under or over direct heat
  9. 20. To make shallow, straight cuts in the surface of foods
  10. 21. To cut food into small cubes
  11. 22. to separate solid particles from a liquid by pouring the liquid through a fine screen
  12. 23. To combine ingredients thoroughly by beating or stirring
  13. 24. To cut food into small pieces
  1. 1. To incorporate air into a mixture by beating it vigorously, making it light and fluffy
  2. 2. To beat together ingredients such as shortening or sugar until creamy
  3. 4. To cut food into small square pieces
  4. 5. To put dry ingredients, such as flour, through a sifter to add air and reduce lumps
  5. 6. To cut up meat, stew it or fry it, and then serve it as a sauce or as a gravy
  6. 7. To cut food into small pieces by pressing and rubbing the food against the rough surface or a grater
  7. 9. Pour liquid over food as it cooks
  8. 13. To cook small pieces of food quickly in a small amount of oil at a high temperature
  9. 14. To mix ingredients with a spoon in a circular motion
  10. 16. To turn food into a smooth, thick semi liquid by putting through a strainer, blender, or food processor
  11. 17. To cut food into the smallest possible pieces
  12. 18. To mix ingredients thoroughly using a spoon or a whisk
  13. 19. To gently combine delicate ingredients
  14. 20. To cook food with steam by placing it in a basket or rack over boiling water
  15. 22. To cut food into long and thin pieces
  16. 25. To cut off a very thin layer of peel from fruits or vegetables