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  1. 3. thickened blend of milk, eggs, and sugar
  2. 4. egg mixture that isnt folded after cooking
  3. 9. soft or hard foam used for baked desserts
  4. 10. changing from liquid to solid or semisold when heated
  5. 11. beaten egg whites that stand up straight when beaters are lifted from the mixture
  6. 12. round, yellow portion of egg
  7. 15. substance that holds together two liquids that normally wont stay mixed
  8. 16. egg mixture in form of large, thick pancake filled with ingredients and folded
  1. 1. puffy casserole
  2. 2. brown droplets on surface of meringue
  3. 3. two thick, twisted strands of albumen
  4. 5. beaten egg whites that gently bend over like waves
  5. 6. thick fluid commonly known as egg white
  6. 7. eggs baked in grease, shallow dish and topped with small amount of milk
  7. 8. pocket of air between membranes of egg at wide, round cell
  8. 13. when liquid accumulates between meringue and pie filling
  9. 14. pie with custard filling