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  1. 1. Most expensive player in the prem
  2. 6. Played for Liverpool, Manchester United, Stoke City, and Newcastle United in the Premier League
  3. 8. Top Goal scorer
  4. 10. Most Games managed by a Premier League Manager
  5. 12. Won the top division with Ajax, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and PSG
  6. 13. Only English player to play for both Manchester United and City as they won the premier league
  7. 14. Has played for Manchester United, Chelsea, and Everton permanently in the Premier League
  8. 17. Only manager to win three Champions League trophies in a row since 1992
  9. 18. La Liga top goal scorer
  10. 20. Top Goalscorer in the Bundesliga
  11. 21. Highest scoring non-English Player in the prem
  12. 23. Only manager to win four Champions League
  13. 24. How many Premier leagues has Gary Neville won
  1. 2. Most-sacked Manager to manage in the Premier League without winning it
  2. 3. Most clean sheets
  3. 4. Manchester United All-Time Goalscorer
  4. 5. Seria A top goal scorer at one club
  5. 7. is the Only Italian to win the prem
  6. 9. Most goals scored for one club
  7. 11. manager with the highest win rate since 2000
  8. 15. Most Appearances by a Premier League Player
  9. 16. Most Premier League Medals by Player
  10. 19. Finisheded 3rd the most times itop-flightht history
  11. 20. Has won the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League as a manager
  12. 22. Only non-European manager to win the prem