1. 2. can be used to stop the clock or celebrate a touchdown
  2. 5. Desperation end-of-game pass
  3. 6. Drew Bledsoe's backup
  4. 7. Nickname for Seahawk's league-leading defense in the early 2010's
  5. 9. Only team to complete an undefeated season
  6. 11. Division preventing Brady from having 9 rings
  7. 12. Ended his career as the leader in both TDs and INTs, which I think is very fun
  8. 16. Penalty on the QB that is *NOT* called enough
  9. 18. Route often run by running backs, also part of a car
  10. 21. change the play at the line of scrimmage
  11. 22. Team responsible for offensive showcase known as "The Greatest Show on Turf"
  12. 23. "The Frozen Tundra"
  13. 24. Only way to score without possessing the ball first
  1. 1. Biggest event of the year but not technically a holiday
  2. 3. Losers of four consecutive Super Bowls :(
  3. 4. Possibly the greatest pure athlete I've ever seen, only person ever to have a Transformers knickname
  4. 8. Currently called the Titans
  5. 10. Only player guaranteed to touch the ball on every play
  6. 11. Offense used when time is of the essence
  7. 13. Team of the 90's(they've done nothing since)
  8. 14. Probably the best QB never to win a super bowl
  9. 15. Playoff team that did not win division
  10. 17. Majestic-haired Steelers legend
  11. 19. Never won a championship, no one has ever met a fan of theirs
  12. 20. NFL video game franchise eponymous with beloved coach/broadcaster