1. 4. when the team on offense loses or drops the ball
  2. 5. the 10 yard deep area at either end of the field - you must get the ball here to score
  3. 9. very long pass usually at the end of the game to try to win at the last second
  4. 10. number of players on a team during a play
  5. 11. worth 6 points: when one team gets the ball into the other team's end zone
  6. 14. a party at the back end of a truck or vehicle often including food, snacks, and chairs
  7. 16. competition for the same objective or for superiority between two teams/groups
  8. 19. when a team throws the ball
  9. 20. when a player kicks the ball to start the game or after they score
  10. 21. worth 1 point: kicked after scoring a touchdown
  11. 23. worth 3 points: when one team kicks the ball through the goalpost
  1. 1. the leader of the offense that usually throws the ball
  2. 2. when a team violates one of the rules and loses yards
  3. 3. object thrown by the referee to signal a penalty
  4. 6. trying to stop the other team from scoring
  5. 7. if you fail to make a first down, this is when you kick the ball to the other team
  6. 8. when a team runs the ball
  7. 12. 3 feet - there are 100 of these on a football field between end zones
  8. 13. when the team on offense makes it at least 10 yards
  9. 15. the yellow "Y" at either end of the field - field goals and extra points must fly through the opening
  10. 17. the team with the ball / trying to score
  11. 18. 3 __ in a yard
  12. 22. when the defense tackles the quarterback