1. 2. The 2022 World Cup will be held in _____.
  2. 3. When a team knocks it out of bounds behind the opposing team’s goal (the end line), the opposing team is awarded a _____ kick.
  3. 4. A player can get how many yellow cards until it equals a red card? (spell it out)
  4. 6. In North America football is known as _____.
  5. 7. The offensive player whose job is to score goals.
  6. 9. The only player that is allowed to use their hands to stop the ball.
  7. 11. A _____ is awarded when the ball completely crosses the sideline.
  8. 12. When a goal is scored, game is restarted at the _____ spot.
  9. 16. The player that keeps the defensive and offensive lines connected.
  10. 17. _____ is one of the defending principles.
  1. 1. One of the attacking principles is _____.
  2. 4. How many goals is a hat trick? (spell it out)
  3. 5. A handball inside the penalty area results in a_____ kick.
  4. 7. In the modern football a goalkeeper plays as a _____.
  5. 8. The 2018 Men's World Cup took place in _____.
  6. 10. A player can get how many red cards in a single game? (spell it out)
  7. 13. A professional football game is played in how many minutes. (spell it out)
  8. 14. Each team fields _____ players at the professional level. (spell it out)
  9. 15. What is another name for the football field?