1. 3. The head coach who directs and manages the team.
  2. 6. The act of losing possession of the ball.
  3. 7. An extra period used to determine the winner in case of a tie.
  4. 8. The method of starting and restarting play in football, where the ball is kicked from the center of the field.
  5. 9. A kickoff or punt that is unreturnable by the receiving team and results in the ball being placed at the 20-yard line.
  6. 10. The act of stopping an opponent who is carrying the ball.
  7. 13. A kick made when a player drops the ball and kicks it before it hits the ground.
  8. 14. A score in football achieved by carrying the ball across the opponent's goal line.
  9. 16. The players who block and protect the quarterback and ball carriers.
  10. 18. A defensive tactic where linebackers or defensive backs rush the quarterback.
  11. 19. Protective headgear worn by football players.
  12. 20. Lines on the field indicating the distance to the nearest endzone.
  1. 1. The player who typically throws passes and directs the team's offense.
  2. 2. The act of a defensive player catching a pass intended for an offensive player.
  3. 4. A score awarded to the opposing team when the offensive team is tackled in their own endzone.
  4. 5. The player who typically kicks field goals and extra points.
  5. 11. The area between the end line and goal line in which the ball must cross for a touchdown.
  6. 12. The team gathers to discuss strategy before each play.
  7. 15. The players who try to tackle the opponent's quarterback and stop the run.
  8. 17. A score in football made by kicking the ball between the opponent's goalpost.